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Antiques Fair, Palais de Galce, Recoleta

Feria de Anticuarios. Buenos Aires, Palais de Glace. Recoleta.

Buenos Aires is hosting an extraordinary art and antiques event. On Saturday, after a brief interruption, the Antiquarian's Fair returns to the Porte an and Latin American scene with renovated vitality, passion for fantastic art and avant-garde proposals.

Home to this fabulous fair is the gorgeous Palais de Glace, once before an ice skating ring, and latter on a luxurious dance floor, the striking geometrical building beholds an outstanding art, antiques and collectibles show.

A fine and careful selection of unique items is the main and sumptuous attraction to us all, art dealers, architects, designers, collectors and of course, all sorts of people who appreciate art. Signed furniture, Persian rugs, Ottoman tapestry, first editions, European and American plate-work, jewelry and fabulous paintings are to be found at the round show room of the Palais.

A fantastic input to the show are the specialists who have brought their precious treasures to share with us all and who enlight us with their knowledge and delight us with each items' history. For quality and fantasy convey in a delightful way.

As I began to explore this years' fabulous stands, I found myself deeply attracted by Ricardo Paz's interesting proposal of native patrimony. This rare mix of anthropologist and antiquarian offers the interested visitor an imponent share of quichuan and mapuches textiles and furniture. A broad and interesting collection he has been working on for the last ten years.

On the other hand, I found myself mystically impacted by the presentation of silk road by Crayon.

And while enjoying an other textile marvelous, Lily Beer -the finest specialist in the subject in this region, delights us with fantastic Flandes manufactured tapestries.

And, though of course, there are all sorts of artistic expressions contained in this fabulous fair... These were the ones that caught more deeply my eye:

Fine European painting selected by Marcos Bledel, an extraordinary selection of Circe fruit- wood tables, Cardamons equestrian selection, Jean Pierre's jewelry and an outstanding neoclassical polychrome bureau, Venice, Circa, 1790.

What a fantastic show! I'll soon be writing more about this fabulous experience.

Bob FRassinetti

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