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Through the years, the traveling commercial establishments located in centric streets and avenues of the countries of the American South Cone have been witnesses of the tradition and local culture. In spite of the great ' malls' and megamercados sprouting of in the region, these positions outdoors remain more effective than ever.

Neither the passage of time, nor modernity have managed to overthrow to that queen who in spite of not counting on a castle of concrete, is admired and venerated by her subjects, without concerning their lineage. A monarch who far from having crown and wealth, survives modestly between the legal thing and the clandestine thing. He is nothing less than the multiplicity of free fairs that exist in South America, where conjugate diverse aromas and a multitude of people who journey to slow cadence and observe each one of the diverse products which amiability and a.bajos.precios are sold with, in these true commercial alternatives. 

Antiques, crafts, fruits, vegetables, spare parts for cars and mainly Creole tradition can be appreciated in these urban conglomerates that, in spite of the sprouting of great commercial and megamercados centers in the region, still remain effective until by centuries. 

In nations like Chile, the free fairs constitute a true urban x-ray of their inhabitants, where they mix the natural scent of his vegetal merchandise, with clients of all the social classes that are attracted by the promotional phrases of their popular salesmen. While in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay the citizens cross excited each one of their calls ' fairs of pulgas', to obtain cheap all product class; Paraguay fights to expel from its streets the traveling retailers who give life to a congregation of clandestine positions, directed to clients who have less economic resources. 

Histories, personages and curiosities have been woven throughout the years in each one of these enclosures, without concerning the merchandise, location or infrastructure that offer. 

Times of the World it investigated in the countries before mentioned, on cultural and social the importance that surround to the different free fairs from the American South Cone.

Andrea Silva Villalobos 

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Times of the World 

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